Pathways for deeper sexual connection and expanded awareness


Living an Orgasmic Life

Perhaps you landed here because you’re looking to step beyond the learned expression of yourself, and into your full orgasmic aliveness. Perhaps you feel a sense that there is more in you than is being expressed, in your life and through your body. Those around you may not understand, and it may seem easier to remain asleep with the status quo. But there is a yearning to fully reveal yourself, in your creativity, in your passion and in your power.

Welcome, I’m Stephanie

Transformation guide, coach and speaker, specialising in supporting sovereign beings to live an orgasmic life. I run seminars, retreats and a life expanding mentoring program to wake up the juice in you! An orgasmic life is an immersion into the potency of our life force energy. Sexuality and consciousness flow naturally and beautifully together, given the chance. Our heart yearns to crack open as this juice runs through our being. We discover that we are not dependant upon someone else for this state of being.

Orgasmic energy is everywhere

This resonates through to our relationships with others, to self, to life choices and to a deeper connection with the moon and the tide. When we shed the constrictions that shut down our life force flow, our natural orgasmic nature resonates through our being, and we become a high vibrational conduit for love and light. This frequency is anchored in the body, grounded in the earth, connected to the elements, and echoes the wisdom of the ancient ones.

You’re stepping beyond

And yes, you will find the others. There are other sovereign beings who also know there’s something more within them, who want to remember who they are. Who are ready to weave their true magic. We are here to be the embodiment of consciousness on the planet. When this truth is clear in us, we stand in our wonder and awe as we witness the beauty and simplicity of it all. Opening to power and freedom, this is a coming home to self, and a remembering of our sexuality in its true form – Embodied and awakened.

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